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Terraria v.1.1.2 [Cracked] [Fully Working] + Setup Guide

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by StriK.eR, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. dekoelestef

    dekoelestef Sea slug

    Ok thx man. I schould try it with the dots and then i'll just have to wait. I will place a reply of it worked ;)
  2. StriK.eR

    StriK.eR Quartermaster

    Alright, it should work because no one but you has commented on multiplayer not working.
  3. jimbo4940

    jimbo4940 Brave Pirate

    LEGEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoying mauling rabbits! LOL:grin::melon:Wtf??
  4. StriK.eR

    StriK.eR Quartermaster

    Glad it is working for you :), enjoy.
  5. Ievina

    Ievina Sea slug

    Two my favourite games : Minecraft and Terraria :happy:
    --- merged: Apr 12, 2012 at 3:13 PM ---
    But why doesn't it whork for me? :cry: Oh I know why becouse my computer is super shety :fail:
  6. AlternativeShadow

    AlternativeShadow Brave Pirate

    Y does it says bunny**********.rar <=======secret
  7. StriK.eR

    StriK.eR Quartermaster

    What are you talking about?
  8. phantomDC

    phantomDC Sea slug

    Can someone help? when i try to open terraria.exe nothing happens. i'm on windows 7 and i already installed .net and XNA
  9. StriK.eR

    StriK.eR Quartermaster

    Have you tried restarting afterwards?
  10. Non-Epic

    Non-Epic Pirate

    I can't seem to play online. Everyone is using this too.
  11. StriK.eR

    StriK.eR Quartermaster

    Everyone who downloads this probably does it wrong, I use this download myself and I'm able to play online.
    Make sure they aren't a official server where you actually need the game.

    Make sure the ports and the IP is correct.
    Make sure the server is on and make sure the server is port forwarded or on hamachi.
  12. viliusa123

    viliusa123 Sea slug

    work great!!!!!:grin:
  13. cagaj

    cagaj Sea slug

  14. Non-Epic

    Non-Epic Pirate

    We all use Hamachi, have that one server address and Port 7777
  15. joshimu23

    joshimu23 Pirate

    I was wondering about the worlds downloads i only recently found (Just started playing this game.) And i was wondering where the Worlds file can be found? I read the whole thread and i couldn't find any information of where it may be, except that it isn't the Terraria folder like "It's suppose to"

    Early thanks for/if you help me.

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