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Terraria v.1.1.2 [Cracked] [Fully Working] + Setup Guide

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by StriK.eR, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. roxas4

    roxas4 Brave Pirate

    Is this auto updating?
  2. qpalzm450

    qpalzm450 Sea slug

    my terraria says its stoped working but it hasnt even started yet.
    this also hapened with 1.1.1 plus i extracted it.
  3. lineblood

    lineblood Pirate

    lol WTF

    everyone check the banlist tell me what name in it
  4. Tazze

    Tazze Brave Pirate

    Nope, don`t think so :hurr:

    installed .Net Framework and the xnafx40_redist that is in the terraria folder ?
    ( Install them and restart you computer and it should work ^^ )
  5. StriK.eR

    StriK.eR Quartermaster

    This guy I banned for hacking.

    *BUMP* :happy:
  6. BentRage

    BentRage Sea slug

    So.. what if I already installed .net framework do I have to re-install?
  7. Tazze

    Tazze Brave Pirate

    you will also need to install xnafx40_redist.msi

    but yee if that don`t work you can always try to reinstall :rly:
  8. Kian123

    Kian123 Sea slug

    This is The Best Liked!
  9. zdroid9770

    zdroid9770 Pirate

  10. Tazze

    Tazze Brave Pirate

    could you maybe provide a bit more info about this problem ?
  11. zdroid9770

    zdroid9770 Pirate

    First, Terraria starts up fine, i choose the stuff as in char then load up a world but as soon as i'm in-game.... Everything is Black but the liquids. i don't get it?
  12. Tazze

    Tazze Brave Pirate

    try to change game settings ( color modes / quality / and more ) to lower/other settings

    if that won`t work

    try to re install netframe work and xnafx40_redist

    and if that won`t work i suggest you to go to the terraria forum and check if some one else is having that error
    zdroid9770 likes this.
  13. zdroid9770

    zdroid9770 Pirate

    ok i'll see if that works :) Thx for the help.
  14. Marth

    Marth Sea slug

    hey its not working for me and i got windows 7.
  15. Tazze

    Tazze Brave Pirate

    Can you read ? :hurr: ( try to install every thing with admin rights )

    3. Run the .NET installer depending on your computer settings you will either install 32bit or 64bit.The smaller file is the 32bit and the bigger file is 64bit.[​IMG]
    4. If a restart is needed restart, if not try to run the XNA installer.[​IMG]
    5. Restart your computer
    if you have done this it should work for you :p
    StriK.eR likes this.

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