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Surgeon Simulator 2013

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by FirstFrostBite, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. FirstFrostBite

    FirstFrostBite ๑۩۩ fяσѕт кιиg ۩۩๑

    Yeah, I know this game is free, doesn't matter, worth sharing here, It's so much fun xD ...


    Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a surgical simulation game released in January 2013 by Bossa Studios. The game was created in a 48 hour period for the 2013 Global Game Jam. Game play consists of the player attempting to perform a heart transplant using the Q, W, O, and P keys on their keyboard. Reception for the game has been positive, with critics stating that although the game was hard to control, this was "part of the appeal." Ars Technica commented upon the narrator's voice over, saying that it "belies the ridiculousness that unfolds as he flops and flails his way through surgery".

    Download ~
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    Here's a video of the game. :3 (It's quite explicit, I recommend not viewing the following video unless you don't mind vulgar language.)
    gnathen and StriK.eR like this.
  2. Rai

    Rai ★ Hero of time ★ Staff Member VIP

    This, if something is not fun. It's very bad game.
  3. StriK.eR

    StriK.eR Quartermaster

  4. FirstFrostBite

    FirstFrostBite ๑۩۩ fяσѕт кιиg ۩۩๑

    The game was made in 48 hours, What do you expect. I find it highly amusing to play. xD
  5. Rai

    Rai ★ Hero of time ★ Staff Member VIP

    Yes, I know that.
  6. skullphantom

    skullphantom ---|Jack of All Trades|--- The Untouchable Prince

    I wanna try this :D lol
  7. gnathen

    gnathen (:Your Favorite Brony:) VIP

    Well then, time to lose many, many, many patients, lol. :D
  8. typhlosion543

    typhlosion543 Brave Pirate

    downloads aren't working :c
  9. GameRecker77

    GameRecker77 Weary Traveller VIP

    Links Are dead, any chance of updating them?
  10. Dordevinoxt

    Dordevinoxt Sea slug

    Before this game I was not afraid of going to the hospital.... NOW I AM :D

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  11. typhlosion543

    typhlosion543 Brave Pirate


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