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PC Smart Steam [Cracked Steam][NOT WORKING ATM]

Discussion in 'Software' started by redbl0odx, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member

    SmartSteam will show you all of the games, and tools available on steam and it can be used to host cracked servers! So some cracked steam games can use smart steam as a way to play online, or host LAN matches between friends on hamachi, or tunngle.

    This will allow you to download SOME games off steam for free. I cannot think of the games it will allow you to download, but they are mainly small games like popcap games, zombie driver, Lumines...torchlight. Completely free, and no crack is needed.

    You will need steam installed for this, and you copy the contents of this download into your steam folder. Open "SmartSteam" And i recommend logging into a "fake" steam account, and not your legit one. When you go to Library, you will see every single game, and tool that you can get on steam!

    Don't worry, this does not overwrite anything, and runs completely seperate of steam! So if you do not want to run SmartSteam with your real steam account, just open up the normal steam client and log in, and it will be back to normal.

    Right now I am using smartsteam to host co-op games for Dead Island! which I have also posted here. If anybody wants to join me. Feel free :p ( You will need hamachi..there is no getting around that.)

    Please login or register to view this link.

    'Like' this as thanks if you download this here!
  2. Oblivious

    Oblivious Quartermaster

    You should add basic keywords like "Free SmartSteam Download" since people that are looking for download of "SmartSteam" will be looking for words like "Free" and "download"

    something that says "SmartSteam" might as well just be a discussion about that software.

    I am talking about people coming from different links, not searching through the forums.
  3. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member

    I would change the thread title, but i don't think being a mod gives me that power, LOL.

    Also this is a free-program anyways. Im just spreading it here.
  4. ageofmyth2

    ageofmyth2 The living legend, and husband of the Cookie

    Well, it used to. you should check. Click edit, then go to Advanced, then check the top. @Please login or register to view this link. did you get rid of the ability to change your thread title name?
  5. cyqnusnite

    cyqnusnite Retired SG Staff Member

    i downloaded, put in steam folder and extracted files in smart steam but library is empty when I open smartsteam application
  6. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member

    You extracted the files INTO the steam folder? Or did you extract them in there, and SmartSteam is its own directory inside steam?
  7. cyqnusnite

    cyqnusnite Retired SG Staff Member

    not sure what you mean by directory. I downloaded steam and smart steam. i dragged and dropped the smartsteam rar into the steam folder. I extracted the files that were in smartsteam. i opened the smartsteam app INSIDE the smartsteam folder but there were no apps in steam
  8. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member

    Extract the contents of the rar file INTO the steam directory. So the Smartsteam.exe is in the same place as the normal steam. If it does not work, then I am not sure what you are doing wrong, because it works fine for me.
  9. cyqnusnite

    cyqnusnite Retired SG Staff Member

    if i have already moved the smartsteam rar into the steam folder then when I extract its contents they will be extracted into the steam folder.... can anyone verify whether or not this is working for them?
  10. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member

    @Please login or register to view this link. It should look like this. smart.png

    ignore the highlighted SmartSteam folder. That does not show up, or isnt suposed to show up, untill the first time you open up smart steam.

    Nothing in the library will change if you run just normal steam. you need to use SmartSteam.exe if you want it to show everything.
  11. cyqnusnite

    cyqnusnite Retired SG Staff Member

    am I missing anything? when i open the smartsteam exe I still get this in the library
  12. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member

    That is weird... o.o This is what I see when i open SmartSteam.exe


    Try uninstalling steam. Re-install it. Then loginto the normal steam one time. Then extract smart steam, then try running smartsteam to see if that changes anything.
  13. cyqnusnite

    cyqnusnite Retired SG Staff Member

    nvm, i figured out what was wrong, i had opened steam before and it kept opening normal steam. thanks
    <BR>--- merged: Sep 10, 2011 at 6:08 PM ---</BR>
    ok, i see the games now but whenever i try to download MW2 or black ops multiplayer it says steam servers are too busy. do i just need to wait or what?
  14. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member

    Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to download a lot of the games. If you re-read the first post, it says something like that. This is good for hosting/playing cracked steam games, such as MW2, and some other games, online on cracked servers. There ARE some games that will download and install correctly.
  15. thexshot

    thexshot Sea slug

    I'm trying to host Dead Island co-op game, I'm running 1.2
    When using SmartSteam, it doesn't let me start deadislandgame.exe trough SmartSteam. It does however, normally start. But when I go to options, and then online, my co-op thingy is greyed out.

    Any ideas?

    @Please login or register to view this link.
    <BR>--- merged: Sep 11, 2011 at 1:10 PM ---</BR>
    Ok so I installed so called "update 3" with co-op fix and I also deleted my saves, which worked for me.
    9 hours of playing gone but w/e. Didn't like blunt weapons, always used sharp ones:D

    Thanks, I can join people now, even without hamachi. Thanks:D:D
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