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Pro Cycling Manager 2012 (ENG) Crack 3DM | Update 1.2 + 1.3 [PC]

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Bruce Sy, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Bruce Sy

    Bruce Sy Pirate

    Pro Cycling Manager Tour De France 2012 (ENG) Crack 3DM | Update + Update
    1) Proper Update Added
    2) Crack Only Added
    3) Written Instructions Added
    4) Instructions + In-Game Screens Added
    5) Update Added
    6) Crack Only Added
    7) Stage Race Fixed with
    Tech. Info.
    Year: 2012​
    Genre: Sport, Simulator / 3D​
    Developer: Cyanide​
    Publisher: Focus​
    Publication Type: License​
    Language: English​
    Language: English​
    Size: 4.18 GB​
    Choose from 81 professional teams in 2012. Races in real time, the choice of​
    sponsor, contract extensions riders, training and equipment ... That's all​
    for you to prove your worth as a manager, and lead his team to victory!​
    With the new season of the scheduler, you can register your team in any of​
    the 180 official events, including such prestigious races as the Tour de France​
    in 2012, La Vuelta, and the Ardennes Classics.​
    The game introduces new models of drivers, as well as new sets, the elements​
    of racing and the environment. The sophisticated AI is ready to respond and​
    take a realistic strategy in a separate phase, and throughout the Tour.​
    System requirements:
    - Operating system: Microsoft ® Windows ® XP/Vista/7;​
    - Processor: AMD / INTEL 2.2 GHz​
    - Memory: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista / 7)​
    - Video: 28 Mb 100% DirectX 9 and shaders 2.0 compatible NVidia GeForce 6600/ATI RADEON X700/INTEL HD​
    - Free disk space: 7 Gb​

    Installation Instructions + In-Game Screens
    Installation Instructions:
    - Install the game
    - Install the patch
    - Copy "PCM-Protection.dll" from Crack folder to the game folder and overwrite
    - Run "PCM.exe"

    - Download and Activate game according to text file as below:

    Pass (if need): cyber_flame
    Extabit = High Speed
    Patch / Update (187.84 MB)
    Crack Only
    Patch / Update (75.6 MB)
    Crack Only
    Instructions to apply Update 1.3
    1) Run update and update the game
    2) After update, do not run game
    3) Copy Crack file to Game Folder and overwrite prevoius one
    4) Run the game with PCM.exe and Enjoy
    Stage Race is Working Now
    - Major fix: Schedule/invitations for Cya World Tour races in season 2.
    - Fix: a bug could prevent a limited number of very good riders from joining a new team during the off season, therefore finding themselves without a contract.
    - Fix: crash which could occur on the Schedule page.
    - Fix: problem on the world championships time-trial (bad team controlled).
    - Fix: bug that prevented renewal of contracts for the next year (year + 1) when, in January of the current year, there were 30 riders under contract.
    - Fix: some fixes in Update 4 ( from did not fully take into account the fix to U23 races (the correct race profiles were missing).
    - Improvement: cost of staff revised to avoid the financial imbalance which could be created with small and medium-sized teams.
    - Improvement: sponsor goals.

    - Major feature: Collections.
    - Feature: added the possibility to play friendly races with a custom database.
    - Feature: added the possibility to "sell" rider cards back to the server in exchange for Coins.
    - Functionality: added wear and tear of equipment (only taken into account in races for ladder games).
    - Functionality: player rankings have been added showing progress of collections.
    - Feature: in the list of games, information added about the type of friendly race: terrain, distance, cobblestones, database (Armada Official or Custom).
    - Functionality: it is now possible to use a password to protect a friendly game.

    - Fix: various fixes to prevent possible crashes when starting the game and when accessing the "load game" page.
    - Fix: final race winnings were not paid on the Paris-Nice.
    - Functionality: it is now possible to use start lists (startlists) in Tour/Stage/Classic solo races.

    - Fix: update of two profiles on the Tour of Belgium.
    - Adjustment: some attributes tweaked.
  2. deckard10

    deckard10 Sea slug

    thank you !

    but where is the password ?
  3. Bruce Sy

    Bruce Sy Pirate

    no password. if need, you use pass : cyber_flame
  4. Taco123

    Taco123 Sea slug

    I have installed everything correctly but if I try to open the game a black screen appears and I am right back at my desktop.
    Please help me
  5. Keesbv

    Keesbv Sea slug


    Where can ik find the serial and what is the password of the rar file?
  6. Bruce Sy

    Bruce Sy Pirate

    you use pass : cyber_flame
  7. Keesbv

    Keesbv Sea slug

    It workt but when i start it, it chrasht..
    What should i do?
  8. FirstFrostBite

    FirstFrostBite ๑۩۩ fяσѕт кιиg ۩۩๑

    Does it give an error code ?
  9. bryant24

    bryant24 Pirate

    Bruce , please can you help with the installation of pro cycling manager 2012 because when i enter my serial number and activation key and i press next the server refuse my key . Can you help me ?
  10. Bruce Sy

    Bruce Sy Pirate

    Please login or register to view this link.
    - Install the game
    - Install the patch
    - Copy “PCM-Protection.dll” from Crack folder to the game folder and overwrite
    - Run “PCM.exe”
    - Enter the “Serial Number” from “serial.txt”
    - Click “activation by other means”
    - Enter the “Activation Key” from “serial.txt” and click “Next”
    - Use “Player Code” from “serial.txt” to create new account in the game
  11. FirstFrostBite

    FirstFrostBite ๑۩۩ fяσѕт кιиg ۩۩๑

    What a magnificent pirate you are.
  12. Bruce Sy

    Bruce Sy Pirate

    Thank sir.
    bryant24: The patch is working fine. I guess You are now playing the game ;))
    +Rep for me :"> LOL

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