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PC GreenLuma Download

Discussion in 'Software' started by Visnx, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Visnx

    Visnx Retired SG Staff Member

    GreenLuma is very similar if not the exact same thing as SmartSteam. I use it for Dead Island.

    GreenLuma Features:
    Show all games/tools in steam
    Filter ValveTestApps
    Can show ValveTestApps in the game list (GreenLuma.ini)
    Can show installed applications only (GreenLuma.ini)
    Download Trackmania Nations Forever (GreenLuma.ini)
    Steam2 and Steam3 Subscriptions are patched
    Can be used to host cracked servers
    Disabled Steam Minidump Creation
    Serverbrowser in Left 4 Dead
    Multiwinia start in "Accepted" mode
    No CD-Key needed to play Doom3
    Force Offline Mode (GreenLuma.ini)
    Failed to contact key server is removed
    ATI and Nvidia offer patch (GreenLuma.ini)
    Replace email address (GreenLuma.ini)
    Play free games online such as Synergy
    Play games with custom protection such as Race
    Bypass the PurchaseCountry check (GreenLuma.ini)
    Replaced the "sponsor" picture
    Log file is created, please post it if you are having any problems
    Launch outdated games (NCF games) (GreenLuma.ini)
    Low Violence patch
    DLC Patch (GreenLuma.ini)
    Disabled news messages when starting Steam including marketing messages
    Supports the "-clientapp" parameter
    Disable MinimumFootprintFilesRefresh (GreenLuma.ini)
    Able to create lobbies so other people can join by IP
    Lobbypatch (Beta)
    Source Engine Focus Patch
    Achievement and Stats Patch
    Garry's mod is patched
    Support for GameCoordinator emulator
    Download half-life engine.gcf (GreenLuma.ini)
    Able to create cracked dedicated servers with LumaServerPatcher
    Patch masterserver to setti (GreenLuma.ini)
    Change game language (GreenLuma.ini)

    Copy GreenLuma.dll, GreenLuma.ini, Subscriptions.ini and GreenLuma.exe and Graphics folder to your steam folder, Edit GreenLuma.ini as you like it and start Steam with GreenLuma.exe.

    Download:Please login or register to view this link.
    If the patcher doesn't work, install this: Please login or register to view this link.

    Credits to steam006
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  2. Redbl0odx

    Redbl0odx The Pirate Admin Staff Member VIP

    Edited the download so its from mediafire. Also not sure you should be linking to that site.

    Much like the issue with a certain other site.
  3. Visnx

    Visnx Retired SG Staff Member

  4. blekman

    blekman Sea slug

    VIrus Total results:

    Please login or register to view this link.

    Looking good. This the latest version?
  5. Idont Know

    Idont Know Sea slug

    When I click GreenLuma, my steam opens, I log on, and then it closes itself. Doesn't work.
  6. wick1d

    wick1d Sea slug

    when i opens steam there are no games

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